About Us & Our Vision


Our Core Values Are...

Accountability • Authenticity • Integrity • Community • Service • Inclusivity

Our Mission with
Adolescents Is…

To guide them their highest potential

To encourage leadership qualities

To nurture empathy, compassion and tolerance

To build the self-esteem and confidence in this
next generation of leaders

We Do
This Through...

Yoga/mindfulness classes in the school

Social and emotional intelligence programs

Local summer camps

Week long retreats for parents and teens

Mentorship round-tables and peer involvement

Yoga teacher training opportunities

Giving back to the community and global SEVA projects

Our Passionate and Experienced Team

Board Members



Dana Damara is a mother of two middle school aged girls, creator of Embody Truth Yoga Teacher Training, author of Oms from the Mat and Oms from the Heart and Creator and Founder of Youth and Girls Elevate.

She graduated from college in 1996 with a Business Administration and Marketing degree, and soon there after, left to travel the world. While traveling, Dana began studying and sharing yoga and mindfulness with people of all ages. She became a mother after her travels and has formulated her life along the trajectory of their development.

As the former owner of Satsang Yoga in the NW, she was the pioneer of bringing prenatal yoga to her community via the local hospitals over 15 years ago. She created the first yoga studio with child-care, postnatal, and kids yoga including families and kids into the practice of yoga.

She radically changed her life just 4 years ago and moved with her two daughters to the Bay Area for a new start. She now shares group classes in San Francisco and Marin and has taught at conferences and festivals all over the world. She leads workshops on self-empowerment and has a passion for encouraging women and their daughters to investigate, speak and live their truth.

She wrote and founded a certified yoga school that trains approximately 60-80 aspiring teachers per year and thrives in creating community tribes that work together to make change. She enjoys leading retreats, guiding her students to a deeper expression of themselves and how they relate in the world.

Dana has a deep and potent connection to the yoga and education communities in Marin and San Francisco, a breadth of teaching and training experience, and a real desire to revolutionize education by adding social emotional wellness curriculum that allows students to reach their potential.

Dana says “I feel it is time to radically shift our education system; I have felt that for a long time. However I am also smart enough to know that we can’t go in, yogi guns blazing.” Her intent is to use the inherent flexibility of the program to meet the unique needs of each school community Youth Elevate™ works with while integrating the tried and true practices she has developed as a yoga teacher, teacher trainer, mother of two girls, and creator of Girls Elevate™.


After graduating with honors in from Miami University and working in marketing in Chicago, Beth moved to San Francisco and discovered yoga in all its richness — propelling her to become a certified yoga teacher in early 2016.

A passionate yogini and experienced businesswoman, Beth finds immense joy integrating her professional strengths with her enthusiasm for community activism to inspire change in the world. Beth is fascinated by the relationship between the brain and the body, particularly how yoga and meditation can improve one’s life physically, mentally, and emotionally. After seeing this manifest in her own life, she decided two things: to continue her education in the field of somatic yoga therapy and to share this practice with those who need it most, especially youth.

In addition to Youth Elevate, Beth serves on the Global Fund for Women’s Vanguard Advisory Council. She is honored to be part of these organizations and looks forward to continuing this inspiring work.


Danielle Sandre is on a mission to bring mindfulness to the next generation. Armed with teacher training from Yoga Tree in San Francisco, a degree in Psychology and 5 years of her own yoga and meditation practice, she aims to compassionately share her learnings and newfound centeredness to others. Danielle has had years of experience coaching teen boys and girls through issues such as anorexia, dyslexia, sexual identity confusion and attention deficit disorder, and has found mindfulness to be an effective method of alleviation.

After meditating on where her future should go, Danielle heard the calling to become the person that she had needed in her life when she was a teen. Based on her own personal experiences, she knows that the basic foundation of yoga & meditation would have been a grounding force to help her navigate the tumultuous waters of one of the greatest transitions, puberty. Danielle has joined Dana Damara with Youth Elevate to bring this passion into reality.

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