Leading Conversations on Youth Empowerment, Body & Mind Awareness and Community


Developed by Dana Damara, a parent, yoga teacher, teacher trainer, author, and the Founder/CEO of Girls Elevate™ and Youth Elevate™, aims to expand its mission of this organization by reaching more diverse students in the schools.

Using the principles of yoga teaching, self-awareness and self-respect, and learning to live by one’s own values, both Girls and Youth Elevate™ work to help students reach their personal goals despite the myriad challenges they face, such as the breakdown of the family unit, influence of social media, drug use, teen pregnancy, health concerns, academic pressures, and bullying in many forms.

Dana and her representatives are available to host a fundraising party in a private home, speak to your PTA Council, address the school board, and present her program to any and all interested parties. Dana is available to speak at yoga festivals, conferences, online forums and events that are focused on consciousness, empowerment, leadership, yoga and youth. The goal is to implement this program into as many schools as possible across the nation so aligning ourselves with like minded organizations and offering our keynote speech with the Founder is encouraged. Please contact if you are interested in having Dana speak at your next event.

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