You Can Make A Difference

Making a donation to Youth and Girls Elevate ensures that mothers and daughters will continue to receive the support they need. Our goal is to elevate girls and their parents to their highest potential so their collective contribution to the planet creates a tsunami of sustainable change! We offer support to daughters and their parents as a unit, but also utilize individual coaching as a tool to dive deep into the expansion of this important relationship. We do that through two meetings a month that include education and development programs covering: self awareness techniques, team-building, conscious collaboration, community outreach, philanthropic field trips, and planting the seeds of spiritual activism to heal our planet.

Your donations will:

  • Help fund our program monthly and annually
  • Our organization right now is completely run by volunteers. This is not sustainable if we want to make national and global change. We need money to launch our training program, maintain our website, stay educated on the issues schools have, community outreach programs, and the normal day to day expenses of a company focused on creating a revolution.
  • Assist others in enrolling that otherwise could not afford it.

Our intention is to grow this organization with a strong foundation, sustainable plan of action and fully committed staff of volunteers and trained staff. We hope you see the value in our offering as this is not just a yoga program in our schools … it is a game changer, national movement and generational shift.

Host a fundraiser in your home or community setting! Email us to schedule!

Attend any of our upcoming fundraising events and bring friends!

One Time Donations - coming soon
Monthly Donation - coming soon
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