What We Do

We believe that the Youth Elevate Initiative and Girls Elevate can solve a myriad of issues:

• Tween and teen drug use and sexual activity is at an all time high.
• There still exists an inequality of men and women and it is seen in our adolescents.
• Violence in teen boys is escalating due to lack of emotional support by their peers, parents, mentors, and educators.
• As busy working parents and the explosion of social media, the family unit and connection is breaking down.
• Children have access beyond parental control on social media which means, access to information that may misrepresent the ideals of connection, sexuality and intimacy.
• Corporate structures are corrupt resulting in misinformation about our food, our government and our education system.
• Schools need support in teaching the social and emotional wellness skills that help students balance themselves.
• Social emotional health is essential to manage stress, have empathy and compassion for oneself and others, and to learn optimally.

Our Solution:

We can revolutionize education and elevate an entire generation by:

• Bringing yoga, mindfulness and social/emotional intelligence course into the school system during a most pivotal time: middle and high school.
• Offering after school programs, weekend workshops, summer camps and retreats for mother and daughter that focus on building girls’ self-esteem, bridging the connection between parent, adolescent and educators, and elevating the consciousness of the next generation of young women.
• Offering training programs for people interested in taking this to their community
• Yoga training for teens and adults who want to elevate their self-awareness through the power of learning the ancient art and science of yoga.
• Social/Emotional Intelligence training for yoga instructors wanting to lead Youth Elevate programs in their community.
• Girls Elevate leadership training programs for young women, parents and educators.

Getting involved just may be the most rewarding thing you ever do. Here's how:

All programs are administered by adults with extensive training and certifications in both yoga, Social Emotional Intelligence, and mindfulness. Meet Our Instructors

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