• As a yoga teacher and middle school teacher when I saw the Youth and Girls Elevate training, I knew I needed to be part of this work.  The training and programs are created from the heart with a passionate belief in young people. This work heals and connects young people to their inner guide and each other creating a world where we truly live into the reality that we are all one. Come be part of this growing tribe.

    -Michelle Nicola

  • The Youth Elevate and Girls Elevate programs are unlike anything I have ever experienced in my 8 years of teacher training or work as a public school teacher. The programs teach topics such as compassion and empathy, how to build others up instead of breaking them down, and identifying your core values so you know who you truly are at a young age. The activities are thoughtfully planned and explicitly teach youth the skills they need to function in today's world. As a facilitator, Dana reminds us to return to our roots as human beings, connect with our divine purpose, and imparts the skills and tools needed for educators to teach youth how to fulfill needs that are not being met in the current school climate or curriculum. She teaches us through her words, her programs, and her spirit, that we are to hold space for youth and give them unconditional love and empathetic listening during a time when they just want to be seen and heard. I highly recommend both the Youth Elevate and Girls Elevate programs to all educators. You will learn skills that are so necessary for today's youth from a truly transformative and inspirational woman.

    -Erin Haley

  • Such a beautiful program! Every topic presented was meaningful and so relevant, and really touched the inner girl that still lives in me. Dana is a true goddess and facilitates in a warm, supportive, and authentic manner. I leave feeling inspired to continue sharing this energy and this important work with the youth of our future!
  • This program resonates with every fiber of my being.  I feel so excited, grateful, and honored to go out into my community to deliver this powerful content to the youth. I feel inspired to use the valuable tools in this program to not only support our youth, but to also help heal my own wounded inner tween. Youth Elevate and Girls Elevate will change the way our youth respects themselves, others, and the planet. Leaving the Youth Elevate program, I am feeling empowered and ready. I cannot wait to dive into the curriculum further and witness the transformation first hand. The only thing stronger than the thinking, inspired mind is multiple thinking, inspired minds working in unison. Lets go!!!

Our education system needs a major overhaul and our training is lighting the way. It’s important to note that we value the teachers and administrator in our system as we are well aware that they are working within a framework and their dedication should not go overlooked.

The reality is – the system itself is outdated.

You do NOT need to be yoga trained to lead our training – it’s a plus, but not mandatory. We support you in knowing and understanding just enough yoga to teach classes in your school. However, we completely encourage you to take a training, if you are inspired.

If you are not certified in teaching yoga and are inspired, please see Dana Damara’s yoga teacher training course program outline that runs every year.

The trainings can run for 3-5 days, encompassing 9-10 hours per day. WE can tailor the training to fit your needs. Upon completion, you will obtain an accreditation to lead these courses.

Our initial target markets are Northern and Southern California; Denver and Boulder, CO; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR. From there we plan to go nationwide. We are looking for trainers as well. If you have experience in training and facilitating, please reach out to Dana Damara directly on her website.

Each program includes lecture, integration, testing, and internship before a program can fully launch utilizing the Youth Elevate/Girls Elevate curriculum. It’s important to recognize the different training programs Youth Elevate offers. Youth Elevate is designed for middle and high school integration and Girls Elevate is a program designed for after school, weekends and retreats.

The quality, integrity and content of this program is of utmost significance. Our dedication to overseeing the sacredness of this organization will be our top priority as we grow and expand. We will remain true to our mission, values and goals as set forth by our board and committee members.

Our intention is for children nationally to have access to our program regardless of sex, race, socieoeconomic status or religion. The same applies for our Girls Elevate program — women globally will have access to creating this same program in their hometowns. Eventually, we will offer an online training over a 9 week series that will require online attendance, Omwork and presentations. To keep travel expenses low, we will offer these women an opportunity to “turn in” a presentation/video of themselves leading a session or program. Additionally, they will be required to attend up to three of our sessions via Skype.

Our National and Global Teachers will be required to maintain their certifications, as well as access to our curriculum, by paying an annual fee to keep their status with us and have unlimited access to top leaders in their field for support, guidance and opportunities.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our training program by submitting your information or emailing us at or We are also looking for Master Trainers to train both nationally and globally. Please inquire to and put in the subject line: Master Trainer.
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